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Xenevar™ Cryo Series is an extremely advanced and innovative hybrid-thermogenic formula designed to increase your metabolism, burn fat stores via the cell mitochondria, suppress appetite and enhance mood while in a fat reduction period. 

Its formula is heavily based on scientific research as opposed to current marketing trends for effective fat burning and weight loss.

It is unique in its utilization of advanced nutrient delivery methods combined with the most effective and correctly dosed synergistic compounds, 

Xenevar™ will elevate your mood, control your appetite and support your metabolism while pushing your training to a higher level. Xenevar™ contains Fulvic Acid an antioxidant product that enhances the delivery of stimulants and nutrients. This ingredient enhances and optimises the uptake of the other nutrients in the formula also enhances the absorption of the L-Carnitine Tartrate and Fumarate blend.

The new Cryo Series is designed to be stored in your refrigerator at cold conditions. This protects the high levels of L- Carnitine Tartrate and Fumarate to guarantee that you get the maximum benefits for releasing fat stores in your mitochondria from the first scoop to the last.  Gone are the days of being left with a clumped formula well before its best by date.

The thermochromic label changes colour when refrigerated properly.  You will know that you are storing it at the correct cooled temperature when the label changes colour from white to blue.  This is important after the tub is opened.  It can be stored in ambient conditions when it is sealed.

It is designed to be taken with 2 scoops first thing in the morning or before training.  Then one further scoop at midday.  It can also be taken effectively before exercise

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