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Titan Protein


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What is Premier Nutrition Titan Protein Powder? Titan Protein Powder by Premier Nutrition is a new sustained release protein from the makers of the famous Titan Protein Bars. Titan Protein Powder was designed on the same principles as their delicious protein bars and is available in the same mouth watering flavours. Titan protein Powder uses a low carb, low fat, lean protein formula using a combination of high quality slow digesting casein and faster digesting whey protein to power the sustained protein delivery.

The sustained release protein formula used in Titan Protein Powder makes it a perfect low carb, low fat snack, sweet high protein treat between meals or a delicious night time protein to have before bed.
Key Facts:
  • - Sustained release lean protein blend (whey and casein)
  • - Less than 2g carbs per serve
  • - Less than 3g fat per serve
  • - Delicious dessert like flavours


Mix 1 to 2 scoops of Titan Protein Powder with 150-300ml COLD water or milk and consume as a low carb meal/snack replacement, or to boost protein and macronutrient intake alongside meals or before bed.
Titan Protein Powder can be taken as many times as necessary per day to hit your protein and macronutrient goals.
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