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Stealth Sports - Subzero


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What is Subzero? Sub Zero is a combination of flavoured therapeutic essential oils that have been studied and shown to be effective for maximising fat burning & performance enhancement.

Subzero contains:

  • NO Fillers
  • NO Sweeteners
  • NO Artificial flavours
  • 100% ALL Natural
Key Points to using Sub Zero:
  • Enhance fatty acid oxidation
  • Enhance thermogenesis
  • Improve strength & enduranceInstant
  • Instant appetite suppression
  • Reduce inflammatory adipokines
Best way to use Sub Zero:
  • Fasted cardio – Squirt 1ml pre-cardio on an empty stomach.
  • Keto / low carb / high fat /high protein diets – drink 1ml pre-workout.
  • Throughout the day as an appetite suppressant and energy booster
  • Pre-workout (Exercise, cardio or lifting weights)  – squirt 1ml 20mins before
  • (note 1ml is a full dropper)

Nutritional Information

30ml - Take 1ml at one given time (Full Dropper)
Safflower oil
Peppermint oil
Conjugated linoleic acd (CLA)
Pomergrante oil
Coconut oil
Grapefruit oil

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