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Scivation - Xtend BCAAs


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Scivation Xtend when training hard and tearing down your body, optimal recovery means optimal growth and performance, enter Scivations Xtend! Xtend is a specially designed intra workout supplement to help promote optimal Muslce protein synthesis, enhance recovery and prevent muscle breakdown. 

We often put so much attention to our pre and post workout supplemention we often neglect what is a critical factor in the results we achieve, while we are working out.  Xtend will ensure your muscles are getting exactly what they need while you are breaking them down, and recover faster.  Packed with extremely anabvolic BCAA's Xtend is a must for any serious athlete. 

Key Points:

  • Branch Chained Amino Acid's: BCAAs are  some of the most studied amino acids. BCAAs, which include the amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine has been shown to help with recovery, exert anti-catabolic effects (ie – less muscle breakdown), improve exercise performance and kickstart muscle protein synthesis. All in all, BCAAs are perhaps the top 3 amino acids that you need if you want to achieve any fitness goal.  Xtend packs a serious punch with 7g of BCAAs per 13g serve.
  • Citraline: A non protein amino acid, citrulline has been considered as more effective than arginine at raising arginine levels in the body, which is responsible for nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide is used in the body to expand blood vessels for not only easier transport of nutrients to the muscles, but also for a greater feeling of the ‘pump’, that intense engorging feeling you get after working a particular muscle.
  • Electrolyte's: he electrolyte blend is another important addition in Scivation Xtend. Electrolytes are extremely important in proper muscle signalling so that you can achieve stronger, more intense workouts.


Xtend has a wide variety of flavours to suit all tastes, some of our favorites include, green apple, lemon lime, watermelon and blue raspberry.  All flavours tasten great and are extremely easy to drink.  Mixes easily in a shaker.


Xtend is best consumed intra workout however there are added benefits to having Xtend pre and post workout also. 1-2 serves during your training is a great place to start. 

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