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Paragon Nutrition - 3KG ISOPRO Whey Protein Isolate + Stealth Sports - Adrenaclen


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Paragon Nutrition ISOPRO Elite Series delivers all that a Whey Protein Isolate blend should:  Superior Australian and New Zealand proteins, fast-acting amino acid delivery, diverse functionality as a recovery, weight loss and lean muscle gain aid, and a nutritional profile low in fat and carbohydrates but high in nutrients.  This product truly is your one-stop-shop when it comes to protein supplementation without any added nasties like fillers, cane sugar, aspartame, artificial colours, preservatives and marketing jargon's.

Our proprietary blend includes the following active ingredients:

  • Paragon WPI Blend:  Cold Filtered WPI is uniquely cold processed (rather than extracted using heat or chemicals) to minimize protein denaturation, ensuring you recieve maximum "bang for your buck".  Hydrolysed WPi is a different but complemeneting form of whey protein which has been treated using enzymes to break down the protein into smaller peptide fractions.  What this means is that it is more easily digested, utilized faster and more efficiently by muscle tissue.  Together, these ingredients ensure optimum muscle tissue recovery, complete protein supplementation and superior anabolic activity.

  • L-Glutamine: Aiding the recovery process, supplementing L-Glutamine particularly alongside WPI ensues that the catabolic process following exercise is minimized.
  • Vitamin and Mineral Blend:  Hard training, weight loss and stress can compromise the immune system and hence it makes sense to couple protein supplementation with a few essential nutrients to ensure you can keep going to achieve your goals fast.

The ingredients in our WPI Elite Series makes this product the essential work-out companion.  Use it to support muscle tissue development, weight loss and as a recovery and after a hard training session, and be assured that you are only drinking the most premium but honest proteins on the market. 

Adrenaclen by Stealth Sports is designed for the HARDCORE! Formulated with the purest, most potent, clinically dosed ingredients to help unleash your inner beast.

Simply take 1 Scoop before training and strap your self in for:
Adrenaclen will leave you with an experience like no other!. Adrenaclen is not for the fainthearted, be ready to take your training to the next level!


Recommended dosage is 1 Scoop 20-30 minutes before physical exercise. DO NOT exceed 2 servings per day. Add 200ml of water to shaker or blender, add 1 scoop of Adrenacln and shake or blend for 15 seconds.

Beta Alanine, Citrulline malate, Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate, Creatine Nitrate, Cocoa Plant Extract, Herbal Tea Extract, 300mg Caffeine Anhydrous, Bitter Orange Fruit, Hyperzine.

Other Ingredients:

Flavours, Anti-caking Agent, Citric Acid, Sweetener (955)
Nutritional Information No

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