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Mutated Nation - Hybrid Tea


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Tea's and antioxident based supplements have been popular over the last few years due to the long term health benefits they have been proven to produce. Mutated Nation has released there own tea formula and as well as being delicious,  it is one of the best health supplements on the market.  

Hybrid Tea uses a traditional high grade shade-grown  Japanese Tea known as Gyokuro tea, which is loaded with anti-oxidants and nutrients shown to have tremendous health promoting properties. Packed with added digestive enzymes and vitamins, Hybrid Tea is 100x more effective than Vitamin C and 25x more effective than Vitamin E in their effects on protecting against cell damage and free radical scavenging. 

Hybrid Tea is designed to improve health, boost metabolic rate and increase fat loss. Unlike most extracts, Hybrid Tea uses the ground loose leaf of Gyokuro Tea to ensure maximum antioxidant capacity is maintained as the primary benefits of tea are found in the leaf. Reduce ageing, strengthen your immune system and get healthier with Hybrid Tea.

Key Points:

•    Boost metabolism
•    Improve the detoxification process
•    Reduce total body stress
•    Enhance digestive capacity
•    Increase fat breakdown
•    Boost immune system

Taste mixability:

All flavours taste amazing and are a pleasure to drink.  Mixes instantly with water


Take 1 serving in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix with 250 - 400mls of cold water. Additional servings can be consumed during the day to activate thermogenesis and increase energy levels. Start with half a serve to assess tolerance.

Nutritional Information

Ingredients - HYBRID

100% made from Luxury Gyokuro shaded Green Tea Leaves from Japan.

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