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Mutant - Micellar Casein


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You are training hard and tearing your muscles down in the gym, preparing food and eating a surplus of calories to ensure you are gaining the maximum amount of muscle mass you can. Yet surprisingly so many people neglect to take advantage of the most important time of day for muscle growth, while you sleep.

Those 8+ hours you sleep your body is trying to heal and grow, If you want to grow you need to ensure you are getting nutrients through out the night. Mutant Micellar casein is a super slow digesting protein that will keep your muscles fueled and growing all night long. 

Key Points:

  • High in protein at 24g per serve
  • Super slow digesting
  • Tastes amazing


Both flavours are thick and creamy and very tasty to drink, can easily be mixed in a shaker.


Mix 1 scoop with 500ml of water or skim milk before bed.

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