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Max's - T-Dex Ripp'd


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Max's T-Dex Ripp'd is an advanced thermogenic, fat burning and energy amplifying formulation designed to get you lean, hard and shredded. As a thermogenic, T-Dex Ripp'd raises body temperature by promoting lipolysis or fat breakdown. This increase the use of fats a fuel source and stokes your metabolism fires throughout the day, boosting energy levels and eliminating fat stores. T-Dex Ripp'd also contains an energy amplifying matrix which will keep you focused and mentally alert throughout the day and ensures you’re using the extra energy wisely. Finally, to help you achieve the leanest figure possible, each serve of T-Dex Ripp'd comes with diuretic ingredients to remove bloat and excess water weight, giving you that tight and toned feeling. Ramp up your metabolism and fat burning all day long with Max’s T-Dex Ripp'd.


Product Highlights

  • Supercharge your Metabolism to help Burn through Stubborn Fat Stores
  • Increase Energy Levels, Mental Focus & Highlight Lean Muscle
  • Support Alertness & Intensity throughout the day and during workouts
  • Keep Hunger Pangs & Appetite at Bay
  • Build a Lean, Hard & Muscular Physique


Fat Burning Formula with Energy & Focus Complex

Thermogenic agents promote Lipolysis – the breakdown of stored fat for energy. They also stimulate your central nervous system to increase overall metabolism, further increasing energy while boosting focus and drive. Max's Lab Series T-Dex Ripp'd is a powerful fat burning formula that will keep your metabolism high all day. The addition of a strong cognition extender will also help to keep you sharp and mentally alert.

Thermogenic supplements are one of the most common types of weight-loss supplements. They increase the metabolism for a number of hours after taking them, causing the body to burn more calories from fat. The following are the ingredients in T-Dex Ripp'd that work synergistically to create this effect.

The Science Behind Max's T-Dex Ripp'd

Advanced Fat Incineration Complex

  • 250mg Acetyl-L-Carnitine helps your muscle mitochondria burn fat, improve mood, learning and memory. 
  • 250mg L-Carnitine is a key transport agent that shuttles circulating fat from your blood stream into the cells where it can be burned up for energy.
  • Dandelion Root PE 6:1 (Taraxacum officinale) 200mg - Dandelion root is a well-regarded detox nutrient. It works by helping your body shed excess fluid which will help flush toxins from your system.

Energy, Focus & Cognition Blend

  • Infinergy™ (Dicaffeine Malate) 300mg – This is a patented ingredient with a precise combination of caffeine and malic acid that delivers crash free energy. 
  • Cocoteanol™ (Theobroma Cacao & Camelia Sinensis Extract) 75mg -  This is a form of theobromine that stimulates the heart, acts as a vasodilator and a diuretic.
  • Octopamine HCL 40mg – Octopamine is a natural amine that acts as a catalyst to movement or energy by initiating beta 3 receptors. It naturally boosts and maintains the adrenergic system which helps the body to lose fat.

Max’s Lab Series T-Dex Ripp’d has taken fat burning capsule products to a whole new dimension! With an over 20% increase in the dosage of key fat burning actives and our Energy, Focus & Cognition Blend featuring INFINERGY™, made from the more effective and faster acting Dicaffeine Malate. T-DEX RIPP’D is the ultimate, highly dosed thermogenic fat burning & energy amplifying formula that is designed to melt away stubborn body fat and increase energy levels beyond natural limits.

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