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JD Nutraceuticals - Rocket Fuel + Thermomelt


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JD Nutraceuticals has released there newest product, there super strong thermogenic Rocket Fuel. This super dosed fat burner boast's a packed list of ingredients and is ideal for men and women looking to shed extra body fat.

This product is not for those sensitive to caffeine or trying a thermogenic for the first time.

Just 1 serving of Rocket Fuel will super charge your mental focus and energy, increase your metabolism, and greatly decrease lactic acid and fatigue. If your looking for a truly strong product rocket fuel is for you!

Key Points:

  • Can help lose weight
  • Strong energy levels
  • Amazing taste


Available in Wild Raspberry flavour and Vanilla Cola flavour, both taste great for a fat burner and mix easily in water.


Take 1 scoop with 250ml water 15-30 minutes prior to training.


The latest from JD Nutraceuticals comes there premiere fat butner "Thermomelt!"

This product is ideal for the individual new to thermogenics, who wants serious results.  Clinically dosed with the most potent fat burning ingredients Thermomelt is the key to achieving your fat burning goals.  With a modest 200mg of caffeine Thermomelt is suitable for individuals who like a less hard hitting thermogenic. With added bitter orange extract and hordinine HCL your energy, mental focus and mood will be amazing. whether you choose to use thermomelt as a fat blasting pre workout or an all day fat fighting tool.  Thermomelt will jelp you achieve your goals.

Key Points:

  • Lazer focus
  • Increase Fat oxidation
  • Time released thermogenic
  • Zero crash

Taste & Mixability:

Mixes instantly, flavours are great was enjoyable to drink.


Mix one scoop with 500ml of water, consume either pre workout or throughout the day.

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