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JD Nutraceuticals - PRO30


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The team at JD Nutraceuticals has designed PRO 30 because In today’s busy life it is hard and often costly to get enough protein in your diet. PRO 30 is a delicious five stage protein blend that is created as a cost effective solution to add protein to the diet of any athlete. The combination of quality proteins in PRO 30 are whey isolate, whey concentrate.

These quality sources of protein give an athlete just what is needed to get optimal Gains and recovery form training. PRO 30 is a great product for anyone in need of adding protein to their diet.

Importance of protein: protein is used for the production and recovery of muscles. Proteins are also used to manufacture hormones, enzymes, cellular messengers, nucleic acids, and immune-system components.

Without adequate protein, our bodies can’t put together the structures that make up every cell, tissue, and organ, nor can it generate the biochemical substances needed for cardiovascular function, muscle contraction, growth, and healing.

Without an adequate amount of protein our muscles wouldn’t heal up as quickly and could therefore lead to overtraining your muscle which could lead to injury.


One of the best tasting proteins i have ever tried, thick & creamy. 10/10 for taste.


Mix 1 scoop with approx 300-500ml of water. Recommended comsumption in one day 2 servings.

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