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BPM Labs - The One 2.0 Black Label


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By now we all know about The One 2.0. It was one of the most popular and potent pre workouts ever released. Well if you liked the original version of The One 2.0 but require just that little bit more an energy kick; then the Black Label version is exactly what you’re after.

Each scoop contains all the tried and true ingredients that you know and love from the original version, but enhanced with Pouchong Tea Extract; a powerful stimulant that will kick your energy and training levels up a notch. The Black Label version is not for the faint hearted or those who are new to the high stim pre workout category.

The One 2.0 Black Label is all about providing you with the right ingredients to support improved focus and attention, boost energy levels and prolong high quality training performance over longer sessions. Up the ante when it comes to your workouts and results with the BPM Labs exclusive Black Label The One 2.0.

Key Points:
  • All the original ingredients from The One 2.0, but with extra Pouchong Tea Extract
  • High stim pre workout that will help raise energy levels through the roof
  • Strong focus enhancer to help you hit exercise after exercise without being hampered with fatigue
  • Designed for advanced trainers tackling harder, tougher workouts
  • NOT for the faint of heart or beginner trainers

the one black label


Is definitely not amazing tasting but easy to drink and the results far outweigh the flavour, mixes easily 


Take 1 serving with 500ml of water 15-30 minutes pre workout.
Nutritional Information

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