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Body Science Summer Pack - Hydroxyburn Shred - Hydroxyburn Clinical - Greentea TX100


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Body Science BSC HydroxyShred Neuro-Thermogenic is the first product to be released in the new Gold Label Alpha Series from BSc.

BSC HydroxyShred brings together a blend of ingredients that have been extensively researched and trialed by elite athletes in determining their effectiveness and addition to the highly anticipated fat-burning thermogenic.

Body Science HydroxyShred Neuro Thermogenic is an extremely potent thermogenic powder that will have you shredding unwanted fat whilst elevating mood and delivering pin-point focus and enhanced mental alertness for a superior workout or to breeze through your daily routine.

Each ingredient in HydroxyShred is provided in an effective dose not just a token to amount so you read it on the label.

This dose effective thermogenic mobilises, transports and destroys stubborn fat cells and speeds your metabolism to increase your daily fat burning potential.

The extensive multi-dimensional hyper-lipolysis matrix in BSc HydroxyShred not only increases fat burning to a heightened intensity but also boosts energy levels and improves your training intensity to lift more weight and push out more reps.

Key Points:

  • Super potent neuro - thermogenic powder
  • Potent fat burning product to destroy stubborn fat cells
  • Promotes hyper-lipolysis to utilise fatty acids
  • Mood enhancement with mental alertness and pin-point focus
  • Effective doses of L-Carntine at 2000mg per serve
  • 300mg caffeine per 2 servings recommended for weight loss


We recommend a split dose of 2 x 5g servings one in the morning upon wakeup and one afternoon. Alternatively you can use one 10g serving as a pre workout 30minutes before workout. Do not exceed more then a 10g serve per day.


HydroxyBurn Clinical

Could stress be sabotaging your weight management goals? Did you know there is a link between stress- induced high cortisol levels and weight gain? HydroxyBurn Clinical has been scientifically formulated to help reduce stress induced cortisol levels and increase weight loss. Happy mind, happy life.

Bluenesse is a revolutionary ‘cortisol lowering’ ingredient with high level efficacy. It helps reduce stress-induced cortisol levels and your body’s negative physiological response to stresses, that have an impact on your health.

HydroxyBurn Clinical combines a clinically trialled dose of Bluenesse with thermogenic ingredients, including Greentea, Guarana and Caffeine, to help aid healthy weight management, protect against weight gain and maintain mental focus and cognitive performance. Use in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise and enjoy life!

Benefits of taking HydroxyBurn Clinical

  • Reduce Cortisol immediately, backed by clinical research
  • Activate your metabolism to burn fat
  • Improve mental focus, mood & memory recall
  • Increase thermogenesis



BSC Body Science one of Australia's most well trusted and results driven supplement companies. Best known for their range of fat loss support supplements, protein powders and compression gear BSC have recently changed the look of their entire range.


Introducing there brand new weight loss product based on green tea known as Body Science BSc Green Tea TX100.


Green tea is considered by many to be a miracle drink. It seems to be able to support general health and well being, support improved mental processes such as cognition, mood, focus and anxiety as well as potentially improve longevity and may even be a preventative agent against certain cancers.


One of the biggest and most common uses for green tea and green tea supplements is to act as a fat loss and weight loss support ingredient.


Its main mechanism is to act as both a carbohydrate absorption inhibitor as well as a fat metabolizing agent. In other words, green tea can help to prevent carbohydrates from being absorbed and therefore being stored as fat and can also increase fat burning.


The level of green tea used in the TX100 will most certainly provide the required 500mg to 800mg of catechins required to benefit those after fat and weight loss.


The added pro-biotic lactobacillus and vitamin C should prove beneficial for many in terms of digestive and immune health. Addition of vitamin C was also a great idea as it has been shown to enhance catechin bio availability.


If you have been struggling to loose weight or feel you need that extra kick in the afternoon without the caffeine of a coffee, TX100 is the answer you are looking for.

Key Points:


  • High Dose Green Tea Extract
  • Equivalent of 100 Cups of Green Tea per dose
  • Added Vitamin C and Pro-biotic Lactobacillus Acidphilus
  • Help Support Fat & Weight Loss, Immunity and Healthy Gut Function




Mix one serving with cold water and drink as required.

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