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Hot 5 Nutrition & Training Tips by Richard Laszlo

Monday, 23 January 2017 2:21:10 PM Australia/Sydney

Let's talk Supplements, Nutrition & Training with VFSupplements Victoria Point - Richard Laszlo


One of the most effective ways to be lean and strong for life is to familiarize yourself with
the branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). They are an essential part of you human body
with numerous benefits to anyone that is involved in sport or physical activity.

Athletes and gym junkies may resort to steroids for improved recovery, fat loss, and lean muscle
gains but your BCAA’s have the same benefits and are the actual building blocks of your
muscles. They may not necessarily achieve the same level results but should be a
priority over making the decision of hormonal enhancement.

  • Reduce physical and mental fatigue
  • Accelerate recovery  
  • Deduce muscle soreness
  • Improve the use of fat for energy  

Few people think about the role muscle mass plays in the ageing process, and how muscle
works in tandem with bone to keep us agile, able-bodied and above all young.


A FREE RADICAL is an unstable molecule that is the product of normal body metabolism. It is
formed when molecules within our own body's cells react with oxygen. It has an unpaired
electron that tries to steal a stabilizing electron from another molecule and as a consequence can
produce harmful effects. External sources of free radicals include Chemicals (pesticides,
industrial pollution, auto exhaust, cigarette smoke), heavy metals (amalgam, lead, cadmium),
most infections (viruses, bacteria, parasites), X-rays, alcohol, allergens, stress and even
excessive exercise.  

ANTIOXIDANTS are vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, selenium, vitamin C, and
vitamin E that turn off free radicals. If there are not enough antioxidants available, overabundant
free radicals begin to damage and destroy normal, healthy cells. Free radicals are necessary and
normal production of metabolism, but uncontrolled free radical production plays a major role in
the development of Degenerative Diseases, since free radicals can damage any body structure:
proteins, enzymes, fats, even DNA.
Some of the benefits of Green Tea Extract. 1 It is loaded with powerful Anti-oxidants which fight
Free-radicals and in tern help fight certain cancers like: Breast cancer, Prostate cancer, and
Colorectal cancer. 2. Anti ageing; free radicals are known to play a role in aging and all sorts of
diseases. 3.Compounds in GT Can Improve Brain Function and Make You Smarter. 4.Increase
Thermogenesis and Metabolism of FAT. 5.Lower blood pressure.



Some bacteria are necessary for human health and can even help prevent disease. These good
bacteria produce many of the vitamins we need for optimal health such as vitamin B-6, B-12, K,
NIACIN & FOLIC ACID. If intestinal health is poor, production of these vitamins is reduced and
deficiencies can develop.


S.M.A.R.T   Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.  
So many people fail to achieve their desired physique, I see it so often. Getting that body you
want is a lot like running and managing a business.

There needs to be an educated plan with steps put in place working towards the desired
outcome. Simply saying you want to be leaner or put on muscle and then just spend a whole lot
of time at the gym is really wishful thinking. Get someone qualified with Nutrition (ME!!!!) and get
some who is qualified in Strength Training (ME!!!!) to help you plan, educate and achieve your GOAL.

Need help? let Richard Laszlo Nutrition Specialist & Strength & Conditioning Coach help you! you can contact Richard on 07 3820 9090 or by Richard86lm@gmail.com

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You are WHAT body fat percentage?!

Monday, 23 January 2017 2:20:04 PM Australia/Sydney

Whitney Holmes VFS Sponsored Athlete shares us her experience with DEXA Scans.

So here we go I haven’t wanted to post a blog about this but I thought you would all be greatly interested in it.

Being in this industry with the competitions that I continuously enter there’s a large amount of effort spent on reaching that “optimum” stage body fat percentage. I have always mentally struggled with this during my comp phases and probably will every single competition that I enter into. Every time I have done a BIA scan on my body it has always showed a higher reading which didn’t “match” what my body looked like and it always threw me into a stage of mental despair and negative body image.

Coming into comps this year my coach thought I should get a DEXA scan to understand where my body fat percentage lay. After doing my cardio, rushing off to the scan I was eagerly waiting on the bed as the machine scanned over my entire body. I knew I was looking much better my clothes were a lot bigger on me and I could see my body slowly leaning out, I was excited to see what my scan was! When the lady sat me down and went over this with me she showed me that my body fat was 23%! Are you serious I was only 4 weeks out from my competition there was no way I was going to be able to drop that body fat percentage – instantly every positive thought I had went completely out the window.

I became so negative on myself – as soon as she took my money I sat in the car crying my eyes out. Called my partner Josh and sat on the phone crying to him for a good 20 minutes while he tried to console me and emphasize how amazing and healthy I was looking but still nothing could shake this feeling of not being “good enough” or ready for the stage. I was competing against girls who boast about 12% body fat which by this scan I was nowhere near.  

I sent my coach a message telling her I wasn’t going to compete anymore and sent her through my scan results. She instantly called me and we spoke about where we go from here and she believed that my body did not represent this figure I had received from the scan.

After crying for days about my scan and wallowing in loads of self doubt I decided to research the accuracy of these scans and why on earth mine were always so high compared to other girls. I found many scholarly articles on why these scans were inaccurate; the basis of these scans are set through averages on trials.

Reports state that the scan does work well looking at averages however; the error rates hover around 5% for an individual (with some results showing error rates of around 10%).  Although these made me feel a lot better seeing this that maybe I was among that error statistic; I still couldn’t bring that confidence back that was ripped from me.

The package I brought to stage wasn’t exactly what I wanted to bring and I can’t say I was 100% happy with it, but what I can say is I am so happy with how I managed to transform my body in as little as 4 weeks.

I didn’t deprive myself and we regularly monitored my movements. From this transformation I was able to increase my confidence and I realized that a number doesn’t define me and it doesn’t depict how hard I worked to be up there with all those other girls.  

After my DEXA scan not once did I jump onto the scales and measure my achievements through a number, we didn’t take measurements this competition and we just measured my body through the changes my body was making visually.

I am so happy that we did it this way as I was so vulnerable to a number; I was so fragile this season and my coach and I knew it was best if we didn’t monitor me through measurements and scales.

Today’s blog is a reminder that not all your progress has to be measured through your scales and your measurements. Sometimes the progress needs to be measured mentally as opposed to physically – don’t be so hard on yourself, look how far you’ve come! Small progress is STILL progress!

Whitney Holmes


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Are you with & how to choose the right personal trainer?

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:53:11 PM Australia/Sydney

When you’re out to achieve wealth and success, would it not make sense that you don’t ask a broke person on how to get rich? A broke person though will have many amazing theories on how to get rich and all of them will sound extremely convincing. This person will sell you on joining them and that you should let their skills help you get rich. It always sounds so easy and far from intimidating which is why many people buy in. This is true, to not only the realm of wealth, but identical to the Fitness Industry, and the endless gyms and personal trainers to pick from. In the exact same sense would it not be just as naïve to seek advice from a person who clearly doesn’t have the result you seek.

Personal trainers or anyone giving advice without ever achieving your desired outcome, having an array of magical formulas and theories that all may make sense and sound convincing, will tell you how to achieve success. The reality is if they themselves have applied their own formula and have not achieved or at best achieved only average success, then why would it work for you?

Then I challenge you, would it not make sense to ask the multi-millionaire on how to become wealthy. Problem is people have the wrong mindset, they think “I don’t want to be a millionaire I just want a few thousand dollars of extra success”. The thing is, I must stress, you still should and must ask the person with an abundance of success, never the broke person.

What I’m saying is if your physical goals are just a little bit of tone, muscle gains or some fat loss you still should select and see the trainer with an abundance of their own success. If he or she is super toned, ripped, shredded, vascular, with stupid amounts of hard earned quality muscle then “YES” that’s the person you should see.

Now here’s another reality check for you, this trainer just may be a little intimidating. You know why? Because like the multi-millionaire the real successful trainer is going to say “there are no shortcuts”, there are no quick fix solutions. There is only educated hard work with consistency, sacrifice, energy, time, money, discipline and focus. You will have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and dig deep within yourself to rise to the challenges ahead.

Many people are in a sudden rush to achieve success, they eagerly want to take shortcuts that have been preached to them. But whether its wealth, a physical goal, or relationship shortcuts, it almost always leads to disappointment rather than quicker success.

In order to achieve success, take the same road, choose to follow the successful even if you don’t want to go down as far as they have, it’s still the same road you should take, not a completely different street going in the wrong direction even if it looks safer. Choose a trainer that clearly has the goods in an abundance, not an average level, or no level of health and physical development at all, even if you’re initially intimidated, it will be worth it in the end.

You might find that initial intimidation is their drive, passion, focus and confidence not arrogance. They may actually be very approachable and love helping others achieve success, I know I do. I want nothing more then to help you, and find it very rewarding when I get people thanking me for making sense of all their confusion. Our job is to help you achieve your goal.  We live to spread knowledge and you will be pleasantly surprised to find we are very humble and not intimidating at all, and our passion, focus and confidence just may rub off on you, hence the reason…you will succeed with the successful.

Remember, “Don’t go to a broke person and ask them on how to get rich”.

Written by VFSupplements Victoria Point Richard Laszlo

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THE PURSUIT OF YOUR DREAM BODY: The relevance of strength

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:52:10 PM Australia/Sydney

So many of us are in the pursuit of a crazy sexy, hot, toned, shredded, sports model or instagram famous body, or at least something not far off, but why do so many of us completely fail to come even close? Why out of the millions of people and personal trainers in the gym is there such a small percentage of people who obtain such a body? There are a number of reasons why including the extreme lack of education in nutrition.  

This article however focuses on one of the most powerful yet largely missing elements of training… that is the wisdom of ‘the relevance of strength’ -and how absolutely necessary it is to the equation.

I first need to define what strength training is before I can explain how the word is misused and its relevance to your dream body.

STRENGTH TRAINING: Heavy resistance training done in a very specific format with the express purpose of increasing your body’s MAXIMAL strength (as measured by various compound lift exercises) over time.

For those of us who go to the gym and spend some time weight training, we do so in the pursuit of that leaner, more toned, more muscular physique do we not? However there is a difference between someone simply showing up to the gym, moving around some weight and someone with a goal, a purpose and a plan to progress and improve strength. The outcome is ultimately very different.  

Many people spend lots of time in the gym, chasing and striving to improve their physique, but so many fail to come even close. But hey…. yes, some may achieve a level of muscle gains, weight loss, smaller clothing sizes or look slightly leaner all while having a good time. However overall they really don’t look what they perceived to be their dream physique… that head turning body that now one can miss and the looks of admiration on peoples faces. The question is why??

I’m going to tell you why.  In this article I will prove a point that “Strength is always relevant”.  And that strength is not only relevant but also the key to creating that amazing physique you dream about.

To help with this perspective I ask people “do you expect to achieve massive, outrageous, awesome and crazy sexy results by lifting the same amount of weight as the first day you walked into the gym?” No of course not!!  You expect to improve, whether it’s more weight (Strength) or more reps (Conditioning) on any given exercise, you should have made some progress. Now at first everyone gets some initial results, which came pretty easily. And the thing is that actually came from the fact that you did make some initial strength and conditioning progress from your beginning physical capability and with I’m sure some smarter food choices, and so you received some positive physical changes. But when someone hits a so called “Plateau” this is simply due to either needed corrections with nutrition or you have simply stopped progressing in performance and strength.  The point is “Strength is always relevant” and played a large part in your beginning progress but needs to be reinforced and continued.

beginner to strong

Problem is the relevance of strength gets lost so quickly in this industry due to the lack of leaders, personal trainers and everyday gymnasts not knowing its value or how to obtain it.  It’s an industry based completely around the concept of ‘fitness’ and fitness alone, hence the title the ‘Fitness Industry’. The idolization of cardiovascular capability is heavily pushed and is the base of most gym cultures and marketing.

The mention of strength is rare to none existent and can even be shunned upon and is only for bodybuilders, power-lifters and meat heads. Luckily there is a shift happening and strength is developing in the industry.  Most sports, crossfit studios, performance studios, powerlifting gyms and the world of Instagram are now showing that amazing physiques are made with grit and strength…the world is slowly seeing its value. The problem with strength is it’s hard to obtain like anything worth having in this world. It takes focus, energy, perseverance, a drive to learn more and time to develop it.

This is one of the reasons the average trainer will resort to the hope and belief that there is another way and will rely on or come up with other philosophies and hypotheses on how to create that elusive, amazing, crazy sexy body we all dream off. Then they will sell it to you as if it’s just so easy and in a few short weeks with their plan you will have it. I cover this situation in my article “Are you with and how to choose the right trainer”.

Diet and genetics aside for a moment your strength is the vital key factor in the ability to achieve your dream body or goal and is by far the most overlooked or ignored aspect of training. There are so many training philosophies that exist and are preached from drop sets, super sets, time under tension, fast, slow, squeeze, power, compound, isolation, plyometric, functional and so many more.

Some are just a complete utter waste of time, and were produced by stupid people wanting to sound smart while others legitimately have their place. Drop sets for example can be applied with success but once again with the understanding of strength and progress. Doing drop-sets will have its initial shock and stimulation to your body, but if you’re only ever lifting the same weight…6 months later you’re still going to look the same, and have only maintained your beginning result. Plyometric body weight training may burn and kick your ass, such as burpee’s and clap push-ups but jumping on the spot and pushing less than your body weight is still a limitation on strength progress.

You may have the ability to dramatically increase the numbers of burpee’s, jumping lunges and clap push-ups, but that’s now only improved conditioning or cardiovascular capability. It actually pains me to see people pay money to a personal trainer who just stands there telling you to jump on the spot and convinces you that it’s the most productive thing… but it’s all they can come up with in promoting the sexy, toned, curvy and shredded look you’re after. It took no real skill on their or your behalf, except tire you out and get you puffed.

However coaching someone the skill of squatting, deadlifting, military pressing or bench pressing a respectable weight for their body weight…which possibly took weeks or months to progressively achieve is only possible if the trainer practices it themselves, and/or truly understands human mechanics. The pursuit of strength doesn’t happen overnight and being told in a sense (not literally) you’re weak and have some serious work ahead of you, clearly is a hard pill to swallow… and isn’t a great selling point.

If you’re going to spend countless hours in the gym, why not except or believe this reality and not waste your time with already painful, time consuming, unproductive or more than likely counter-productive nonsense anyway.

skinny or strong

Here is an example of two sets of women who both have time consuming training regimes, both practice a form of nutrition but do you really think the women on the left are as strong as the women on the right? ?  The women on the left both train and eat to be weak, maybe they are ‘fit’ but and the women on the right clearly eat and have trained to be strong.

This comparison and understanding in strength discrepancy should put a lot of training philosophies to shame, but the fitness industry is massive and there is a lot of misleading marketing to compete with. For example Functional training can be another potentially misleading system. Something like pushing or pulling a heavy ass sled is an intense movement requiring both strength and conditioning that can complement many programs.  

It can improve one’s body and be classed as functional. However the methodology taken too far by trainers will have you standing on one leg, on a medicine ball, with a dumbbell in one hand and a glass of water in the other to then have you slowly work yourself down then up again for a single leg squat which yes took great skill and quite frankly is amazing but to what benefit I ask?  I see all too many people balancing on a half swiss ball doing body weight squats whom are overweight and trying to lose body fat.

The challenge and level of extreme skills like this is impressive however yet again off mark for your actual desired outcome.


Unfortunately no matter how well you can pull off some circus trick, replicate another animal’s movement or move all your four limbs in different directions at the same time…if you are weak and continue to be weak, how are you really moving forward to a better looking you? If your goal is to be really good at balancing…great, good for you, if you have fun with this training on the side while on a strength program where the real results happen that’s cool too.

If this truly enhances your ability to perform at your sport, then well done, but if the goal is to stand out in a crowd as one crazy sexy athlete then for the love of God don’t waste your time, go get strong instead.

Now one thing I want to make clear again is that a lot of the styles and methodology that whole studios or personal trainers may base their system and culture around can actually be really fun and exciting. But I’m not talking about that, I’m black and white just talking about what actually influenced your look, what is potentially a waste of time towards that look and what was plain wrong.

So if you’re out to have fun and socialize then a do whatever you want I have nothing against that but I’m here to educate you on the pursuit of an amazing body, and put personal trainers who are preaching complete nonsense in their place.

before after


These before and afters is another way to put in perspective the understanding or progress. Again is it not obvious that in their after shots they have improved their muscle size and definition.  

Again what do you think they changed to achieve their improved shape and size, their conditioning, nutrition and without a doubt ‘strength!’ Their strength has improved dramatically since their first photo. You don’t get nice pecks, awesome abbs and a sexy ass by training to be weak… it just doesn’t make sense.

At what point do you realize that being the weakest person in the gym does not equate to you looking like the strongest, athletic and sexy person in the gym?


Other sports and athletes prove the relevance of strength further. Ballet dancers for example are required to not only move and lift their own body weight in extraordinarily high off the ground with intensely difficult positions, but also lift another human being at the same time, all while making it look effortless.

This requires tremendous amounts of strength and as you can see this has contributed to the outcome of some amazing physiques.

running vs strength

There’s nothing more contrasting then the comparison of Marathon runners versus short distance sprinters. I have a lot of respect for long distance runners, I think it’s a great elite sport, hobby and activity. I believe although not for me, it can be very fun and quite stress relieving to a lot of people.  

However, for someone aiming to solely and purely to create that crazy, sexy, toned and Instagram hot body, training to be fit is training to be weak. Training as a sprinter which I have done for many years myself, is training to be fast, powerful, explosive and strong.

With such very contrasting outcomes you need to evaluate your goals to align with your training. With the whole industry based on and only encouraging fitness, we should be looking to the top and what is the best philosophy and training system…then ask ourselves “is that the body I want to produce”?

walking vs polevolt

Here is another perfect example of the bodies of professional Olympic Race Walkers striving for elite fitness, and then Olympic Pole vaulters that perform with short bursts of explosive power and strength.  Pole vault demands the body to accelerate extremely fast for a short distance, to then finish the sprint with a tremendously powerful and technical movement, throwing their whole bodies weight up into the air as high as possible.

Race walking is a very different tax on the body, to which is a state of physical and mental endurance but not any measurable strength.

ufc vs cyclist

Professional Cyclists are in the elite of fitness and conditioning. They are required to perform many hours at a time with minimum to zero stops. Amateur or professional, one hour or 10 hours, Cycling is predominantly cardiovascular fitness, with small bouts of strength required for hills and the odd sprint.

Now UFC fighters are absolutely required to be fit and conditioned but overall the length in time of the fights are no way as long as cyclists. UFC fighters and Boxers included are however absolutely required to be strong.

Strength is a necessity to the sport, no fighter wants to be weak and in turn possibly be out strengthened in a physical battle. Strength training is a hugely important to fighters and the physical outcome is some outstanding physiques.

If running, walking and riding are clearly not producing the body you want to achieve then don’t base so much of your training on those activities alone.

what women think

Weight training for women has come a long way in the history of feminism and so have the  known weight training benefits. There has been decades of misconception about what happens to women when they weight train, and the look that it produces. Every now and then I still get the comment “but Richard I don’t want to bulk”. Some women assume that weight training or strength training is all about size and getting massive.

I hope by now you realize that’s not true, but just encase let me make this clear, strength training absolutely does not make you huge and bulky. “Cupcakes” make you huge and bulky, “Sugar” addiction makes you huge and bulky and stupid amounts of Testosterone for a women makes you huge and bulky, such as the women in the pictures on the left. In reality strength training without going into physiology, cranks up your metabolism, burns fat, potentially burns more calories than cardio, creates tone, shape, curves and keeps you young and strong.

When I train a women who comes to me at 130kg (bulked) and has never stepped in a gym before, and I train her like a bodybuilder for 3 days a week, do you think I’m going to bulk her further to 140kg? No, she actually, with new knowledge in nutrition lost 35kg and quite quickly too. The women on the right are examples of women who strength train up to 6-7 days a week, which prove this fear wrong, and the absolute necessity of strength.

The thing is Strength does have a relationship to size but more so for men than women. I will probably write a more detailed article on this topic later but for now, fear not, if you’re a women, hitting the weights is the best thing for you.

I will also make this clear… when a women starts weight training and doesn’t drop body fat and gets perhaps thicker, then that tells me her nutrition is not what it needs to be to lose body fat regardless of what training she is doing. With the right nutrition however then you can achieve some very powerful results with strength.

There are many elements that go into creating that dream body we all strive for, many elements I have not mentioned, but will cover in future articles. Having cardiovascular capability is definitely a factor, but putting all your eggs in the one basket due to the huge marketing and cultures of common gyms has created an epidemic of people failing to achieve their goals or even come close to that crazy head turning body.

I could continue to show you thousands more photo’s to prove my point that strength is relevant, but I’m sure you get the point by now. If you’re now reflecting on your own training and you know you have some work to do when it comes to strength… and you’re not sure where to start, then you should definitely read my first article. I suggest finding a good performance coach who knows the relevance of strength well.

I am one of them, but there are many others out there like me. So keep learning, be weary of whom you listen to, strive for a stronger you and continue the pursuit of your dream body.

Article Written By: VFSupplements Victoria Point - Richard Laszlo


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CocoHazel Treats

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:47:30 PM Australia/Sydney

Calories: 170 C 6.7 P 6.8 F 14.7g

Bottom Layer:

1/2 cup raw cacao powder

1 cup hazelnut meal

2 scoops protein powder (chocolate)

2 tsps Nativa

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 cup melted coconut oil

2 tablespoons of water


2 tbsp of raw cacao powder

1 tbsp of water

1 tbsp of coconut oil

1 tsp of ground cinnamon

1tbsp of Paragon Nutrition ISOpro chocolate protein powder

1 tsp of honey

1/4 cup of Ricotta


  1. Mix all base ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Freeze in a freezer friendly container for 15 minutes (lined with baking paper)
  3. Mix all Ganache ingredients together (I used a whisk to make it a little fluffier)
  4. Cut pieces evenly into 6 blocks you will then be able to layer them with ricotta cheese between (like a sandwich) & ice the top pieces with your chocolate ganache
  5. Freeze for another 15 minutes and then cut the pieces into halves creating 12 smaller pieces. (OR keep them bigger if you feel like it – who am I to judge fc45b4c6bbe7052e54c7ea079d28b787 )


These are higher in calories because of the Fat Content but are perfect for a High Fat Low Carb treat!! ENJOY

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EHPLabs - Oxyshred Review

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:45:33 PM Australia/Sydney

Well it’s that time of year again time for me to cut. I love fat burners during cutting phases as i really struggle with my appetite so finding a good fat burner is critical to my success. After being recommended it i decided to give Oxyshred a try.

I really liked this product, first impression was it tastes amazing, i looked forward to drinking it every day. My appetite was at bay enough that my diet didn’t impact my mood for the day.

Oxy shred is definitely a product you can use multiple times a day, it is not an overly strong stim but more a gradually releasing energy source keeping you energized though out the day.


What makes Oxyshred different?

As i already said it tastes phenomenal, easily the best fat burner i have tasted. It has a very strong list of ingredients so it’s easy to see how Oxyshred has become such a popular fat burner.

The 60 servings per tub made it a lot easier to have 2 servings a day without breaking the bank, however there were days were i would only have a single serve.

The mood enhancer is also very note worthy, no matter how far into my cut i got Oxyshred always lifted my spirits and made me forget about my diet.

Along with that the appetite suppressant was dead on, it kept my hunger it check but when it was time to eat i didn’t feel like i was having to force food down.


Overall Opinion?

Loved Oxyshred, i couldnt fault the product taste great, mixes great, helps with weight loss and over all great price for the servings.

Value: 9/10

Focus: 8/10

Endurance: 710

Energy: 7/10

Taste/mix: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

Clickhere to view more information on Oxyshred


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JD Nutraceuticals - Rocket Fuel Review

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:40:31 PM Australia/Sydney

JD's new pre workout Rocket Fuel has recently been released and iv been excited to try it for a while. My first impression, this product lives up to the name!! After a single serve i felt the instant buzzing energy, i was motivated as hell and amped up for a good workout. 

As the workout went on i noticed my energy was staying fairly consistent, i wasn't getting that mid workout drop i get on some other pre's. After the workout i felt amazing and was surprised i was able to easily get to sleep that night, considering i train later in the evening that's a huge bonus for me.

What makes Rocket Fuel different?

Rocket Fuel is not for the fainthearted or those new to stims, its a hard hitting heavily dosed pre workout. Along with 350mg of Caffeine it has green coffee bean and green tea extract, making Rocket Fuel an effectively dosed fat burner.

Along with various other ingredients targeted towards burning fat it has a full 3000mg dose of beta alanine so fatigue is not an issue on Rocket fuel.

The biggest difference to many other pre's is purely the strength, this product is strong in all ingredients so believe me IT WORKS!!


Overall Opinion?

Loved it, one of my favorite pre workout fat burners in a long time, would happily recommend Rocket Fuel to anyone looking for a stronger pre workout.

Value: 9/10

Focus: 910

Endurance: 9/10


taste/mix: 8/10

overall: 9.5/10

Clickhere for more information on Rocket Fuel


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Wheytello (Nutella) Cheesecake

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:37:59 PM Australia/Sydney

With Wheytello being such a big hit in the protein scene for its delicious taste and low calorie content we find our customers doing all sorts of cooking with it. Here we have a recipe from Courtney McConnell who came up with this amazing Wheytello Cheesecake after nagging her for the recipe we finally got it out of her to share with you guys enjoy!.

  • 1: Process 55g walnuts with 240g Belmont chocolate coated sugarless digestive biscuits & 40g coconut oil
  • 2: Place in cake pan or cupcakes to make base and put in the freezer
  • 3: Blend 250g of light greek yoghurt or 0% fat chobani yoghurt with 100g wheytello & 250g extra light cream cheese
  • 4: Add blend to the base and set in the freezer

    Tip: Add crumbled biscuits on top for extra taste & texture.

Serve frozen or thawed out :)

Buy Wheytello and make your own recipes!

Be sure to tag #wheytello on instagram

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What is DMHA? (Octodrine)

Monday, 23 January 2017 12:35:20 PM Australia/Sydney

When we were told AdrenaCLEN V2 was going to have the new DMHA i was as excited like a kid on Christmas but i often get asked what is DMHA? commonly known as Octodrine, DMHA is similar to the same molecular structure of the famous yet now illegal stimulants AMP Citrate (DMBA) and DMAA.

DMHA scientifically named Dimethylhexylamine or 2-aminoisoheptane, is a psychoactive central nervous system stimulant and is found structurally in 2 forms which is:

  • 2-amino-6-methylheptane a synthetic type
  • 2-amino-5-methylheptane a naturally occurring type

The synthetic version of DMHA (2-amino-6-methylheptane) is much cheaper to manufacture than the natural type, although the natural type is more expensive is thought to be more potent. The natural type of DMHA (2-amino-5-methylheptane) can be found in Juglans Regia Extract (Walnut Bark), Aconitum Kusnezoffii Extract, and also Kigela Africana Extract.

What are the benefits of DMHA?

While DMHA is fairly new and there are very minimal studies that have examined DMHA (Octodrine) but due to its similar structure of DMAA and DMBA benefits can include enhanced energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, decreasing appetite and improving bronchodilation.

There has also been studies to show that DMHA can increase levels of dopamine and noradrenaline; which are the 2 " feel good " hormones which can allow you to perform in stressful conditions.

When to take DMHA and What is the recommended dosage?

For best performance benefits it is recommended to take DMHA 15-30mintues prior to a workout. After consumption and DMHA has taken full effect into the blood stream you will notice a higher level of energy, mental focus and a reduction in appetite.

It is said that DMHA is best consumed at 100mg although majority of new products on the market contain 125mg.

Final thoughts on DMHA

At this current time we are loving the products that are containing DMHA such as Stealth Sports AdrenaCLEN V2 and Giant Rush but like all good stimulants i only give it a matter of time until it will join the rest of its family on the illegal stimulant list but until then i will enjoy every single scoop.

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Top 5 Supplements To Gain Muscle

Monday, 21 November 2016 3:16:44 PM Australia/Sydney




#1 - Creatine Monohydrate

What does it do?: Creatine monohydrate has had multiple studies conducted on its effects since it was introduced. The conclusion was Creatine is one of the most effective supplements for increasing strength and muscle mass. Creatine works best for high intensity activities, such as heavy weight lifting or explosive sports making creatine perfect for adding weight to the bar and mass to your frame. Once your cells are saturated with creatine, you will look fuller, be able to lift heavier for more reps and have a greater rate of recovery between sets. Creatine monohydrate is hands down one of the essential products for building a strong physique.

Active ingredients:

  • Ultra pure Creatine Monohydrate

Cost / Servings:  $39.95 for 100 servings ($0.39 per serve)

How to take it: Loading phase: Take 5g's 4 times per day for 6 days, after that take 5g's per day



Click here to find out more info on EhpLabs Creatine Monohydrate


#2 100% Whey Protein

What does it do?: When trying to build muscle and strength protein is the key to maximisng your development. Not only does it help repair damaged muscle tissue but it also is packed full of amino acids your body needs to build new muscle tissue. We recommend Paragon nutriton's Isocon, Isocon is one of the cleanest easily digesting protein powders on the market. With both a quick and slow releasing protein source Isocon is suitable for both immediatly post workout and as a healthy snack alternative and is also appropriate if you are trying to limit your carbohydrate and fat intake.  If your goal is to build muscle and you want the purest and most digestion friendly protein available Isocon is the whey for you.

Active ingredients:

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate
  • Essential and non Essential Branch Chained Amino Acids

How to take it:  Take 1 serving with 500ml water or beverage of choice immediaty after exercise, also can be taken through out the day to increase your daily protein.

Cost / Servings:  $59.95 for 30 servings ($1.99 per serve) or $119.95 for 75 servings ($1.59 per serve) 



Click here to find out more on Paragon Nutrition 100% Whey


#3 - BCAA Formulas

What does it do?: Branch chained Amino Acids (BCAA's) have taken the market by storm over the last few years. We pay so much attention to our diet, our training and nutrition around our training. Often overlooked is the most critical component to how often you can effectively train and how quickly you grow, recovery!! If you aren't recovering sufficiently from your training you will not grow, and if your over training you may even go backwards. BCAA's aid in your bodies ability to recover from intense training, they also create an anabolic environment for your body to grow. Having BCAA's in your system around your training will ensure you can recover quicker, train more often and grow new muscle. We highly recommend JDN Amino Lean

Active ingredients:

  • Instantized BCAA'S (Lucine, isolucine and valine) at a 2:1:1 ratio
  • Added L glutamine for immune system support
  • Added Citrulline Malate, helps get a better pump aids in blood flow to the muscles.

How to take it:  Take 1 serve during training with 600ml water, Can also take on your rest days to aid in recovery.

Cost / Servings: $4
9.95 for 30 servings ($1.66 per serve)


Click here to find out more info on JDN Aminolean BCAA



#4 - Carbohydrate Formulas

What does it do?: Carbohydrates are your bodies primary source of fuel, easily broken down and turned into glucose which is fuel for your muscles to perform and maximal intensity. However the type of carbohydrates you consume can make a big difference to how your body performs and recovers from training. We recommend the Paragon Nutrition ISOCARBS. Isocarbs is a multistage release carb formula appropriate for pre, intra and post workout nutrition. Add carbs pre workout to give you energy to train harder, intra workout to keep your muscles full and fueled and post workout for essential recovery and muscle growth. Often overlooked carbohydrates are absolutely essential to perform your very best and add the most amount of muscle possible.

Active ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin: A low sugar carb providing good clean energy to aid in building muscle mass
  • Dextrose: A high GI carb, enters the blood stream quickly which is ideal for post workout fast tracking recovery.
  • Waxy maize: A slow digesting carb, provides a sustaining source of energy for your muscles

How to take it: 

  • Pre workout: take 1 scoop with your pre workout for quick energy
  • Intra workout: Mix with BCAA's for sustained energy through your workout
  • Post workout: Mix with whey protein to ensure quick recovery and maximum muscle growth

Cost / Servings: $39.95 for 2kg ($0.99 per serve) or $69.95 for 4kg ($0.87 per serve)


Click here to find out more info on Paragon Nutrition ISOCARBS


#5 - Male Boosters

What does it do?: If you have been training for a while you will know eventually you will hit a frustrating plateau in your progress, these can take weeks or even months to break through and continue to progress. One product that can help to greatly reduce that time is a testosterone booster. These products help to increase your bodies production of testosterone which is the building block of muscle. The more testosterone you have, the more muscle your body can produce.

These are particularly useful for men over the age of 40 as your natural testosterone levels are starting to drop. Alpha mars and Alpha Prime combined are the perfect anabolic combination for enhanced muscle building and recovery. The alpha mars works to enhance testosterone production while the alpha prime help to reduce estrogen build up and balance male hormones. These two products together can produce the best results you have ever seen.

Active ingredients:

  • Shilajit (Asphaltum punjabinum)
  • Tong Kat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia)
  • Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng)
  • Nettle root (Urtica dioica)
  • Broccoli Sprout (Brassica Oleracea)
  • Rosemary Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

How to take it:  Take two (2) capsules upon waking before breakfast and a second dose of two (2) capsules before training OR 8-12 hours after the first dose.

Cost / Serving: $89.95 for 120 capsules each or buy the pack for $159.95


Click here to find out more info on ATP Science Alpha Mars & Alpha Prime

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