With Wheytello being such a big hit in the protein scene for its delicious taste and low calorie content we find our customers doing all sorts of cooking with it. Here we have a recipe from Courtney McConnell who came up with this amazing Wheytello Cheesecake after nagging her for the recipe we finally got it out of her to share with you guys enjoy!.

  • 1: Process 55g walnuts with 240g Belmont chocolate coated sugarless digestive biscuits & 40g coconut oil
  • 2: Place in cake pan or cupcakes to make base and put in the freezer
  • 3: Blend 250g of light greek yoghurt or 0% fat chobani yoghurt with 100g wheytello & 250g extra light cream cheese
  • 4: Add blend to the base and set in the freezer

    Tip: Add crumbled biscuits on top for extra taste & texture.

Serve frozen or thawed out :)

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