JD's new pre workout Rocket Fuel has recently been released and iv been excited to try it for a while. My first impression, this product lives up to the name!! After a single serve i felt the instant buzzing energy, i was motivated as hell and amped up for a good workout. 

As the workout went on i noticed my energy was staying fairly consistent, i wasn't getting that mid workout drop i get on some other pre's. After the workout i felt amazing and was surprised i was able to easily get to sleep that night, considering i train later in the evening that's a huge bonus for me.

What makes Rocket Fuel different?

Rocket Fuel is not for the fainthearted or those new to stims, its a hard hitting heavily dosed pre workout. Along with 350mg of Caffeine it has green coffee bean and green tea extract, making Rocket Fuel an effectively dosed fat burner.

Along with various other ingredients targeted towards burning fat it has a full 3000mg dose of beta alanine so fatigue is not an issue on Rocket fuel.

The biggest difference to many other pre's is purely the strength, this product is strong in all ingredients so believe me IT WORKS!!


Overall Opinion?

Loved it, one of my favorite pre workout fat burners in a long time, would happily recommend Rocket Fuel to anyone looking for a stronger pre workout.

Value: 9/10

Focus: 910

Endurance: 9/10


taste/mix: 8/10

overall: 9.5/10

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