Well it’s that time of year again time for me to cut. I love fat burners during cutting phases as i really struggle with my appetite so finding a good fat burner is critical to my success. After being recommended it i decided to give Oxyshred a try.

I really liked this product, first impression was it tastes amazing, i looked forward to drinking it every day. My appetite was at bay enough that my diet didn’t impact my mood for the day.

Oxy shred is definitely a product you can use multiple times a day, it is not an overly strong stim but more a gradually releasing energy source keeping you energized though out the day.


What makes Oxyshred different?

As i already said it tastes phenomenal, easily the best fat burner i have tasted. It has a very strong list of ingredients so it’s easy to see how Oxyshred has become such a popular fat burner.

The 60 servings per tub made it a lot easier to have 2 servings a day without breaking the bank, however there were days were i would only have a single serve.

The mood enhancer is also very note worthy, no matter how far into my cut i got Oxyshred always lifted my spirits and made me forget about my diet.

Along with that the appetite suppressant was dead on, it kept my hunger it check but when it was time to eat i didn’t feel like i was having to force food down.


Overall Opinion?

Loved Oxyshred, i couldnt fault the product taste great, mixes great, helps with weight loss and over all great price for the servings.

Value: 9/10

Focus: 8/10

Endurance: 710

Energy: 7/10

Taste/mix: 9/10

Overall: 8.5/10

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