When you’re out to achieve wealth and success, would it not make sense that you don’t ask a broke person on how to get rich? A broke person though will have many amazing theories on how to get rich and all of them will sound extremely convincing. This person will sell you on joining them and that you should let their skills help you get rich. It always sounds so easy and far from intimidating which is why many people buy in. This is true, to not only the realm of wealth, but identical to the Fitness Industry, and the endless gyms and personal trainers to pick from. In the exact same sense would it not be just as naïve to seek advice from a person who clearly doesn’t have the result you seek.

Personal trainers or anyone giving advice without ever achieving your desired outcome, having an array of magical formulas and theories that all may make sense and sound convincing, will tell you how to achieve success. The reality is if they themselves have applied their own formula and have not achieved or at best achieved only average success, then why would it work for you?

Then I challenge you, would it not make sense to ask the multi-millionaire on how to become wealthy. Problem is people have the wrong mindset, they think “I don’t want to be a millionaire I just want a few thousand dollars of extra success”. The thing is, I must stress, you still should and must ask the person with an abundance of success, never the broke person.

What I’m saying is if your physical goals are just a little bit of tone, muscle gains or some fat loss you still should select and see the trainer with an abundance of their own success. If he or she is super toned, ripped, shredded, vascular, with stupid amounts of hard earned quality muscle then “YES” that’s the person you should see.

Now here’s another reality check for you, this trainer just may be a little intimidating. You know why? Because like the multi-millionaire the real successful trainer is going to say “there are no shortcuts”, there are no quick fix solutions. There is only educated hard work with consistency, sacrifice, energy, time, money, discipline and focus. You will have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and dig deep within yourself to rise to the challenges ahead.

Many people are in a sudden rush to achieve success, they eagerly want to take shortcuts that have been preached to them. But whether its wealth, a physical goal, or relationship shortcuts, it almost always leads to disappointment rather than quicker success.

In order to achieve success, take the same road, choose to follow the successful even if you don’t want to go down as far as they have, it’s still the same road you should take, not a completely different street going in the wrong direction even if it looks safer. Choose a trainer that clearly has the goods in an abundance, not an average level, or no level of health and physical development at all, even if you’re initially intimidated, it will be worth it in the end.

You might find that initial intimidation is their drive, passion, focus and confidence not arrogance. They may actually be very approachable and love helping others achieve success, I know I do. I want nothing more then to help you, and find it very rewarding when I get people thanking me for making sense of all their confusion. Our job is to help you achieve your goal.  We live to spread knowledge and you will be pleasantly surprised to find we are very humble and not intimidating at all, and our passion, focus and confidence just may rub off on you, hence the reason…you will succeed with the successful.

Remember, “Don’t go to a broke person and ask them on how to get rich”.

Written by VFSupplements Victoria Point Richard Laszlo